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An English Afternoon Tea with my VSA mentor, Tom Williams.


Update: Here is Tom’s advice for all investor/trader. It’s on YouTube.

In a pleasant English sunny spring weather in south of England, Tom Williams, Gavin Holmes and myself spend a beautiful afternoon with English tea in the countryside talking about everything from trading to stock & commodities to way of living our lives as a trader, and not forgetting volume spread analysis.

Tom Williams regarded himself as an educator & was very generous and candid to share about the original idea about price and volume that he learned from Richard wyckoff and finally created his trading analysis called volume spread analysis or vsa. His unique trading, called vsa principles were developed after more than 15 years of mentorship and observing how insiders work (FYI, Tom Williams was working for a syndicate trader then).

During the interview, Tom Williams pulled no punches and talked everything, about meeting his prodigy, Gavin Holmes whom later, they formed an educational company that based on VSA principles – TraderGuider International based in US Chicago. Incidently, Tom Williams is over 80 years and still an active trader, trading from his humble home whenever he sees trading opportunities.

Tom Williams is also the current chairman of this great educational company, and contributed his ideas and teaching to his vsa students in

Tom’s motto is to tell the world about market manipulation by powerful and hidden forces that an average person cannot comprehend. Tom’s message is simple. spread the teaching of vsa to all corners of the world. He is a firm believer that Individual should not keep genuine wisdom that can benefit others. He quoted “I intend to spread the words till my final days….Trading makes me truly alive and I will continue to write and contribute to those traders who wish to elevate themselves professionally”.

Anyone who is with Tom Williams in person, would be moved by his conviction and motivation at the current stage of his life. Most people I know at his stage will be tending to their personal affairs rather than sitting in front of a computer teaching thousand of student including myself about markets and trading.

My trip to UK and the time spend with Tom Williams and Gavin Holmes has been well spent and invested to benefit others such as our supporters, subscribers or people who regularly visit my website.

Thank you again.

– Martin –

P/s: I believe I’m better trader/investor now, if not a better person after the interview. I wud pose content of the interview in the coming weeks. So, stay posted.


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  1. Dear Martin

    That was truly a working holiday. Thanks for sharing your experience there. I have a very long way to go and hope I can count on you to teach and guide newbies like myself on trading right. Thanks again. Rema

  2. Hi Martin, Thanks for sharing generously.

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