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Market Report Begin’g – 15 Aug 2011


Dear Subscribers,

Next Saturday, 20 August we are holding a Traders Club Meeting at my office in Phillip Capital Mgt from 10 AM to 1 PM. Click here for a map to our office. This is a special event which can impact your wealth so come early to get a seat.

Featured speakers include Phua Lee Kirk, CFA, and former CEO of Phiem Asset Mgt and now chief market strategist for Phillip Capital Mgt. He spoke last October at our VSA convention about the Japanese tsunami and its market impact and next Saturday he will speak about the current issues effecting the KLSE.

We also have Dr Janice Dorn, a prominent psychiatrist and gold trader who will broadcast via a webinar from Phoenix Arizona. She will speak about psychological issues that can impact our bottom line and how to get a psychological edge.

I will review the current gold market and how to position for the on going world fiat currency depreciation

The event will be archived on for our off station members and made available for a short time only. Premium members access all. Upgrade now ! Click here.

Last week, the Bernenk gave a gift to the gold bugs by announcing at the FOMC meeting that the Federal Reserve will keep interest
rates at close to zero % for the next 2 years. Immediately gold leaped over 100 USD per troy ounce.

Why would anyone want to hold savings in the bank or buy treasury bonds and get a negative real interest rate and see their wealth evaporate by inflation like a block of ice in the hot sun.

Worldwide investors are losing confidence in paper money. The Swiss currency is supposed to be the world’s strongest currency as the Swiss live within their means and are fiscally prudent. The crooked and corrupted Swiss politicians defied the will of their citizens and are planning to peg the Swiss Frank against the Euro. The Swiss Frank immediately dropped 12 % vs the US Dollar.

The Swiss never joined the Euro because their citizens have no desire to bail out the bankrupt countries such as Greece/ Portugal/ Ireland/Italy etc.

The Swiss save, live prudently within their means, work hard and use their saved capital to build more wealth unlike the socialist/ welfare states who believe borrowing and spending is the path to prosperity. Those Swiss citizens who converted their paper Swiss Franks to gold lost nothing – in fact they profited handsomely -as governments can not by fiat depreciate the value of gold.

The Swiss are like the Germans and Chinese who possess a work hard and save mentality.

1933 US 10 Dollar Gold Eagle worth USD 300,000. Physical Gold is a real store of wealth with no counterparty risk unlike fiat currency

With the zero interest rate environment expect commodities/ real assets/ property/ high dividend shares of well managed companies perform well in the coming months. The recent stock market panic shakeout is in my opinion temporary but please listen to Mr Phua for a more in depth analysis and what sectors to focus on.

Premium report to follow soon: {+}

1. Buy GOLD on the ASX an ETF with physical gold and ETPMAG, the physical silver ETF also on the ASX. Also I like Man AHL Gold Fund at current levels. Gold dropped almost USD 80 Thursday from the high as the CME raised margins for the futures contracts. This is an opportunity to get in

This will not deter physical buyers who are paying a 25 % premium to spot gold in France and Germany for Kruger Rands/ French Napoleon gold coins. Premium was only 5 % until Soctal , a major French Bank, was rumored to be insolvent. The man on the street is not fooled by the lies and misinformation coming from the EU Bureaurats

Also dealers in the US are now charging over 10 % premiums for gold buffalos/ Canadian maple leafs/ Maybank announced Wednesday that they have suspended sales of gold Kijangs but you can still invest in the paper gold passbook account. My dentist said it was possible to buy the 4.25 gram gold dinars which are officially minted by the Kelentan state government.

I will try to get details on the outlet for this and call me if interested.

Bill + Martin

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