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Market Comment Begin’g – 14 Nov 2011


Dear Subscribers,

Also listen to Bill’s Weekly Audio Commentary in our new fund management. Click here.

In conjunction with our Stock & Gold Convention held last Saturday at UEM Convention, we have soft launch our fund management website for our clients and graduates who put money aside to invest for wealth accumulation and capital preservation. This website wud be similar to TradersTruthRevealed.Com with investment and global economic outlook and opinions.

Here is a picture of us holding some physical gold & silver bars. Standing next to us is Mr. Hur Hilmy of

Highlight of our Saturday Gold/ Stock convention was the highly insightful Gold Outlook by Gary Dorsch owner of . Gary presented several intermarket analysis charts relating gold trend with money supply growth in China, India, UK, Europe. is about facts and what is happening now and you can visually see it.

For any of you high net worth investors/ fund managers and industry professionals I would highly recommend you check out his service. The fee is very reasonable. He will keep you on the right side of the world commodity, stock and bond trends.

He has happy and prosperous subscribers in 48 countries.

For you local stock traders, his service is also very valuable since he focuses on commodities and Malaysia is a major commodity producer.

His letter has given me a good research foundation to place client funds under my and Martin’s management in gold/ silver and commodities and high quality dividend shares over the years. We have many happy clients.

Gary feels the gold up trend will continue its gradual uptrend as paper currencies world wide continue to be debased.

For those still hesitating to buy gold and silver what are you waiting for ? Come and see Martin and myself at the Phillip office next week. We have several products depending on you risk profile in which we have done the due diligence. They are cost effective, liquid, and ultra safe.

Hilmi. CEO of Nubex a physical gold and silver dealer presented about the pitfalls and traps in the physical market and tips on how to avoid being cheated. He also sold quite a lot of coins and bars at the convention . If you wish to buy some physical silver and gold, he is legitimate. I checked with Bank Negara and the SC and he has had no complaints on file.

Azizi Ali, the famous , property investor, publisher and financial writer spoke about similarities between the property collapse in Dubai and the topping out in high end Malaysia properties. He is offering a property seminar at a very reasonable price on 26 November Saturday at the Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley . Do visit for details.

Phua Lee Kerk chief market strategist with Phillip spoke about opportunities in the China market which seems to be bottoming out. For those with Global Wrap accounts we can take advantage of these opportunities.

Pong Teng Siew head of research for Jupiter Securities presented opportunities in the KLSE now . His view is bullish which flies in the face of the pessimistic crowd.

Martin presented some immediate trading opportunities in the KLSE using our TAVA MetaStock filter ( Shares trading above volume average) This was worth your price of admission if you step up and make the trade.

We are holding our 1/1/2 day Foundation Master the Markets course on 21/ 22 November at my office. Resits are free of charge. Check out our blog at www.traderstruthrevealed for details. This will; be our last foundation before our December main course

Hesitation, listening to all the doom and gloom will never make you money. As the great investor/ businessman Robert Kuok says ” you must be brave if you want to be rich. You must go against the tide of public opinion, look at the facts, take your courage in hand and make your play.”

This is the premium section. {+}

1. Continue to accumulate gold and silver for a move to USD 2000 in the months ahead and perhaps USD 3000 by end of 2012.

2. We like the Man share traded on the FTSE due to the profitability of the AHL group which focuses on commodities and managed futures/ gold also I like the ETPMAG.ASX and GOLD. ASX .

3. We also like China Power and Light traded on HK exchange because of its dividend/ strong balance sheet and defensive qualities.

Trade well and put the probabilities in your favor,

Bill + Martin

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