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Archive for January, 2012

KLSE News: 31 Jan 2012 – Record High Profit for PB Bank…


PB Bank

1. Bank Negara has announced a slew of liberalisation measures regarding the use and conversion of foreign exchange, in line with its efforts to enhance competitiveness and develop the domestic financial markets. Under the new ruling, which comes into effect from today, licensed onshore banks are allowed to trade foreign currency against another foreign currency […]

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Feb 2012 Stock Market Comments : A Weak January leads to a Weaker Year End Finish !


KLSE Jan Closing Year End

Dear Subscribers, The US Stock Trader’s Almanac has predicted that a strong first month often leads to a year of gains, and a weak closing in the 1st mth of trading wud lead to a year of losses. Interestingly enough, according to this same US market almanac, since 1930, the calendar year has followed January’s […]

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