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Mission & Objective:


We have multiple objectives:

  • Lower the investor’s risk
  • Boost the returns investors receive on their investments
  • Give investors the knowledge that they need to successfully invest in the Bursa Malaysia and Singapore financial stock markets

We will achieve our goals by only providing solid information backed up by financial analysis and the knowledge that we have gained over the years from our special in-house investment research and studies. We will never provide you with information that have come from unreliable or low quality sources.

We plan to keep a 7 out of 10 correct ratio. We aim to assist you with earning RM 5 per share for every RM 3 share you trade/invest. We do not solely focus on the returns of your investments. Instead, we also pay attention to the return on the investments in general.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help investors maximize their financial gains by using financial analysis to profit from the KLSE & SGX financial market opportunities.

We understand there are numerous stocks in the market. We know it is important to analyze financial analysis thoroughly when your stock is moving.

We are not physic or perfect which is why we always consider all options so adjustments can be made to our stock market forecasts accordingly. We rarely encounter surprises by big turns or swings. In fact, we anticipate them and in return, we help you exploit them.

We have helped numerous clients do just this since 2003. Ask us for references.

When you are making critical trading and investment decisions consider using our services. They include advanced charting techniques such as the Volume Spread Analysis technique and Value Investing with Dividend Focus.

Please tell your friends of this website because they may just need it more than you do !

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Information in TradersTruthRevealed.Com is for general information only and is not intended to be relied upon by individual readers in making (or not making) specific investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decisions. Investmatic Management and its staff do not accept liability for any loss suffered by readers as a result of any such decision.

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