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Dear Readers/Subscribers,

Here is the latest NKF beneficiary article. Click on the image to get PDF file.


Letter of Inviting You to be a Contributor to National Kidney Foundation, Malaysia.



Kidney failure is not a terminal disease like cancer. As long as dialysis treatment is provided, the patient survives and can lead a normal life. Founded in 1969 National Kidney, under the patronage of Rotary Club, Petaling Jaya and has since providing care to kidney failure patients throughout the nation – enable kidney failure patients to undergo regular dialysis so they are able to lead a normal life and support others.


Kidney failure is a growing concern amongst Malaysian owing to our sedentary lifestyle. According to a National Statistics, 20,000 Malaysians are suffering from kidney failure with an occurrence of 4,000 new cases every year. Medical bills are high and this would reduce a patient income and his or her ability to support their families.


Motivated by the desire to help these unfortunate patients, we at TradersTruthRevealed.Com appeal to all readers and subscribers of our most popular financial investment website in Malaysia ( & to assist their lower income group of dialysis patient.

Effective of 1 May 2012, for every new premium subscribers sign-up, RM10 of the fee collection will be donated as charity to National Kidney Foundation as a small gesture of support for their kind donations. With sufficient support from kind donors from our readers and premium subscribers, we hope to grow the amount of monthly donations and assist these dialysis patients seeking treatment in National Kidney Foundation.


In act of caring and compassion, TradersTruthRevealed.Com (Bill & Martin) will match each kind contributors to NKF with additional RM5 per month.


Be a kind donor and regular contributor in caring these unfortunate people. Join us to enrich their lives.

We wish you and your family many prosperous ventures in your investments.

– Martin –



May 2012 Payment to NKF Receipt – 28 June 2012

June 2012 Payment to NKF Receipt – 24 July 2012

Sept 2012 Payment to NKF Receipt

Sept 2012 Payment to NKF Receipt – 22 Oct 2012

Here are some of NKF centers located in Malaysia.

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