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Popular Articles


The list of articles that our team has written is far more. The list below is merely a favour/ flair of topics that the team writes regularly. Use the Search function to look for your interesting articles to read.


  1. Sell in May and Go Away! Adage – Seasonal pattern for 2010
  2. Is the FIFA World Cup bad or good for the stock market?
  3. Martin, I heard of World Cup Football, what is the World Cup Trading Championship?
  4. How to celebrate your failure (trading) for your next success?
  5. Why Should I Learn about Price and Volume Analysis?

Stock Pick

  1. Stock Review – Ang Kok Heng’s Phillip Capital Mgmt of 9 prosperity Stock for 2010


  1. May 2010 Stock Market Comment – Why you should fully invested now – 2H 2010???
  2. Letter from the Chairman Mr. Warren Buffett
  3. June 2010 Stock Market Comments – Another Bargain Opportunity
  4. A Weekend with Mr. Warren Buffett
  5. Certainty sells and everyone wants to be a Super Winner !
  6. Where are the Acres of Diamonds? Asia — The Next Powerhouse.
  7. Aug 2010 Stock Market Comments – Favourite Energy/Utilities Stock Hits New Highs.


  1. Jim Rogers is in town & Why he fears for the West?
  2. Why We will Never Run Dry and We will consume LOTS of Energy !
  3. A important note of caution by Tony Robbins.


  1. Here is a good comment from M’sian Finance Blogspot


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