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Article #2


Is There a Safe Way to Trade or Invest in

FKLI & FCPO Futures & Commodities Market?

By Martin Wong, CIMB Futures Sdn. Bhd.

The Futures & Commodities Market

The Futures & Commodities FKLI & FCPO market is the largest futures market in this region and FCPO crude palm oil futures is the largest palm oil related commodity in the world. Daily turnover exceeds hundred of millions of ringgit every day and Bursa Malaysia Derivatives authority estimates that the market will continue to grow in double digit on a yearly basis.

It is every trader’s dream to just crave a small percentage of your market. Imagine just making several thousand ringgits every day i.e making sure the winners are more than the losers. There is a lot of money to be made, or lost, and that is the reason it so immensely popular with investors/traders. It now becomes a motivator for investors to arm themselves with the skill & knowledge they need to make money on a consistent basis.

cash register

What is the best way for an average investor to trade this market? That question is being asked countless times daily by investors and traders in Malaysia. The real answer is there is no absolute best method that would fit the needs of every investor. Each investor is unique and not one single method or system will meet every need.

Some investors prefer the managed account approach and let their future broker or futures fund manager make all trading decisions. This works for many people and suitable for people that have capital to invest in managed account but not having the time to watch the market nor to do their own research and decide for themselves when and what to trade.

There are many success stories about how the managed account approach works and today independent traders are using the managed account approach.

Trading Tools

1) Some traders swear by Japanese candlestick charts, and make all trading decisions based on the chart patterns developed using this technique. Japanese candlestick trading has been around for hundreds of years and is used in every market known to man. Some traders have never taken to the candlestick chart system, and prefer to use other trading tools.

candlestick pic

2) Point and figure charting was created by Wall Street traders in the 1930’s, and is still used in many markets to this day. This method requires the chartist to select the size of the “box” to be used, and this is where many experienced traders reap huge rewards by selecting the right box size to use.

Use box sizes that are too small, and the market will make many changes of direction, leaving traders frustrated with so many reversals. On the other hand, box sizes too large can leave traders out of the market until a large move is well underway.

point-figure pic

Managed Account

Many of today’s successful managed account approaches either use one or the other trading tools to determine when to enter and exit for these trades. This system is created by the traders after strenous backtesting to prove that that it not only works in a simulated environment but also in real time markets and is profitable too.

How does the system works? Does a profitable system exist at all? Has someone really “cracked” the code and created a profitable futures trading system?

Profitable trading systems have been around for some time because traders who use them have discipline and have trading plans to trade the market regardless of market & economic conditions. Remember McDonald chain of restaurant is also a “system”.

mcd pic

The system or method is not foolproof, and most likely never will be. It finally boils down to the trader who uses the system and successful traders all over the world have reaped the rewards from them by adhering to their own system.

For more information on successful futures managed account and profitable system trading, please contact Mr. Chong Ming Wah @ . No obligations.

Mr. Chong Ming Wah

Licensed Futures Broker’s Representative

CIMB Futures Sdn. Bhd.

8th Floor, Commerce Square,

Jalan Semantan

Damansara Height

50490 Kuala Lumpur


Tel : 03 2084 9999 X3532

Fax : 03 2095 3982

Mobile No : 016 662 0881


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  1. Hi MW,

    In your Article# 2 you mentioned about managed account based on trading system. Do you offer the managed account service, or just the education on how to trade?

    I am in electronic manufacturing line and definitely interested to switch my career into trading. Appreciate if you can shed some light on how could I make the change.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Regards, William

  2. Call me at my office on Tues 03 2084 9999 X3533 and I can point you to the right direction.

    Bear in mind, this is not going to be a easy – like a walk in the park.

    Expect hard work and lot of patience to be a successful trader and never have to worried about career. Be your boss.


  3. hi martin,is there any suggestion on how to use P&F charting?How do you set the parameter for klci futures?

  4. 2 bars reversal with 1 box 2 pts. for medium term. Short term use 2 bars reversal 1 box 1 pts.

    – Martin-

  5. hi I’m interested in share trading and futures. Can you advise?

  6. Dear Siti,

    Come for our VSA 2010 convention this weekend and you can learn from the experts.


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