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[quote style=”1″]Dear Martin, Your services help me to reinvent my investment portfolio. I bought “Dividend Don’t Lie” am reading it.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″]Martin has helped me understand the investing in stock market & I would recommend him to anyone who is interested to master the stock market investments.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″]So far so good, I hv make small money using the chart analysis.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″]what unique at are daily reports and informations,comments on market movements directions which are most needed. these services saves us time from readingall newspaper searching for informations. From the MTM course which I attended I really learn alot from what Im taught. I never feel fear anymore from the Stock I invested in. We are taught to be a decipline trader, have an edge, plan our work, use the tools, and system to define entry and exit point, have knowledge of trends movements,research for good fundamental stocks I would strongly recommends whoever wants to trade in the stock market to take up this course to learn how to trade professionally I will remain to use and support the services which you all provide . Lastly I take this opportunity to thanks both Mr.Martin Wong and Mr. Bill Wermine for the mentorship given to me. Keep it Up With the Services which you all provide. [/quote]


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“Trusted info @ your doorstep.”
Audrey Wong
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The “ – an informative source of investment tips without biased interest and favours. over the years, this website has been giving me very good investment guide !!
Eric Chua
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“The videos and commentaries provides a refreshing insight from a different perspective of the markets. Knowing the truth about the workings of market will definitely set you free.”
David Cheng
Excellent guide and tool for investors in the equity markets. I like the monthly comments on the global economic scenarios and how it would impact equity markets, the weekly closing bell, as well as the ad-hoc comments on individual stocks.
Keep up the excellent work. By using this service, I’ve actually increased my profit and somemtimes minimise my losses.
CK Liow
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I am glad that I have given the privilege to access to and weekly market review and video presentation every Friday week. These presentations are all very useful and practical . Your explanation on charts are clear and easy to follow , in particular relating to charts and also the coverage extendede to regional markets including VIX and Foreign Funds movement . I have learnt a lot from you. You have done a good job Martin!

Janice (Sarawak)



Dear Martin,
I am your ardent fans and have been following yoour website since 1 years ago. This is definitely one of the best financial website that I ever seen in Malaysia. Please continue your fantastic work !…
Your monthly issue title ” Looking for undervalued stock” for June 2012 really caught my eye and thanks a lot for the list of undervalued stock….
Fandi, Malaysian (living in Hong Kong)


Hi Martin and Bill
…I have still been studying and following your site closely for the past 18 months. I put off investing in the market as the more I thought I knew, the less I realised I understood. I am still a student but I know I need to take the dive from hypothetical to practical.
You have been consistent and honest about how to look at trends and to “read’ signals, but it still is a steep learning curve for newbies like me.
And thanks for sharing new materials and knowledge every week, particularly on Peter Cundill. Thank you for shairng your passion and thank you for teaching.
Rema, Penang.


Hi Martin
I enjoyed your website and the commentaries. Please keep up the good
work. Thank you very much.
Michael Tan
(Premium subscribers over 2 years)


It indeed a good site with very good previews and informations of the stock market and changes in the business environment. I have benefited from scrolling this site for my investment. Keep up the good work and well research and comments you post everyday.
Moses Sinnappen
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