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Best Pick 2011-2012


Dear Subscribers,

So far, the Stock Pick Case Study for last 3 months April-June 2012 achieved good results on backdrop of a recovery KLCI during that period. Below is a Distribution of Win-Loss from the 2 Case Study Each week.

Note: These are case study, not actual trades. Past performance are not reliable indicator for future results. Trading carries risk. Consult your advisor.

Below is YouTube video that explained the Closing Stock Case Study 2012.


If you are interested to know more about Closing Bell Friday Stock Case Study, click here.


Dear Subscriber,


In our regular Closing  Bell every Friday presentation (telecast over webinar), Martin will analyze the KLSE week ending for the week that was and looks for possible trades setting up the following week. He would talk about 2 case study of KLSE stock as examples.


Below are examples of Martin’s Best Top Ten Pick from the Friday’s Closing Bell.


Top 10 Best Pick Friday’s Closing Bell


No Name Date Picked +% (End 31Dec11) Reason Holding Period
1 RSawit 8-Jul-11 50.40% 6  months
2 Sarawak Cable 28-Jan-11 45.90% 11 months
3 TSH Resources 13-May 41.80% 7 months
4 AEONCr 29-Jul-11 36.60% 6 months
5 Carlsberg 14-Jan-11 31.60% 11 months
6 Kurnia 30-Sep-11 23.40% 3 months
7 AFG 1-Jul 20.80% 7 months
8 Hap Seng 2-Sep-11 19.50% 4 months
9 SunReit 6-May 16.80% 8 months
10 KPJ 13-May 12.70% 8 months

Some of these stock picks were example picked by our TAVA filter via MetaStock. You can watch this YouTube and I explained in this video.

Here is a video podcast 8 mins where Mr. Martin Wong demonstrates the TAVA (Trading Above Volume Average) Stock Screener to filter those stocks that are ready to move higher using MetaStock V7.2. Note: this is a technical stock filter.



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