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Software Programmer


Software Financial Programmer Needed:

Programming languages:
C++, C#, SQL, EasyLanguage, MetaStock formula language, iOS XCode

Software and platforms:
– MS Excel;
– Matlab;
– MS Visual Studio .NET;
– MS SQL Server;
– Borland C++ Builder;
– MS Access;
– MetaStock;
– Omega TradeStation;

Other skills:
– Financial mathematics;
– Quantitative finance methods;
– Option pricing models;
– VaR (Simulation, Historical, Variance/Covariance);
– Yield Curves;
– Optimization methods;
– Probability/Statistics methods;
– Monte-Carlo;

Personal skills:
Strong analytical skills;
Good problem solving skills;
Open mind;

Education details:
Degree with honour in Applied Mathematics, Mathematics & Actuarial Science.

Required language(s) proficiency: Chinese, English

Applicants must be willing to work from home area.

Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply as this position offers excellent learning and career development opportunities.

In addition to standard compensation package that commensurate with each candidate’s qualifications, experience and performance, successful candidates are offered very attractive project incentive upon completion of each corporate project.

Send your CV to martin_tf_wong dot hotmail dot com.

Updated: 25 Aug 2012


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