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New book “Dividend Don’t Lie” by Bill Wermine & Martin Wong: Release Date : Jan 2010


Preface By Bill Wermine

Dividend dont lie book cover BIG

A few years ago, I read Investing in One Easy Lesson by Mark Skousen,
PhD. Dr Skousen is a world class financial adviser and publishes an
investment newsletter, Forecasts and Strategies, which is followed by
hedge funds, banks and major financial institutions all over the world.
He advises that investing in old established companies tend to be
better investments than stocks in rapidly growing firms in cutting edge

This flies in the face of conventional wisdom. I was intrigued by his premise and investigated if this applied to Bursa Malaysia. It does and in this book, I will share the research on this topic.

I asked Pong Teng Siew, Head of Research for Jupiter Securities Sdn
Bhd and he strongly believes in the suitability of dividend stocks for
investors. He has had over 30 years of experience as an analyst and has vast knowledge about the Malaysian economy and Malaysian stocks. Martin Wong, Futures Broker Rep with CIMB also has scientifically backtested the price and volume of buy and sell pattern entries for Bursa Malaysia dividend stocks. He has shared the results of his research on the profitability of dividend stocks in this book.

Being a fund manager with Phillip Capital Mgt Sdn Bhd, I am always
looking for an investment and trading edge to benefit my clients and

Edges are found in places that the crowd does not look or believe in.
In fact, the biggest secrets are often in plain view. Dividend capture strategies are in plain view and often ignored by the crowd.

Following the crowd usually leads to disaster and losses. Methods
that are not promoted or hyped in the popular press are the ones that are quietly implemented by professionals to earn steady and above average returns.

In Dividends Don’t Lie, we will examine such a method that has stood
the test of time and is utilized by some of the wealthiest fund managers and investors including Warren Buffett. If applied with reason, money management, timing and common sense, it can give you an edge in the market. This edge will allow you to make steady and consistent gains over time and enjoy a more comfortable.


The 3,000-year-old Parthenon temple in Greece has stood
of time. Just like dividend investing, it is rock solid, conservative,
and a way to preserve and grow your capital.

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