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Global Wrap Portfolio Investment


Access Global Investment global - 14 May

Financially we are in a global financial environment and by having access to global financial opportunities via the Phillip Global Wrap account we can take advantage of movements in currencies, commodities and shares both long and short in virtually any freely traded market.

It is like playing golf with a full set of clubs as opposed to playing with only 1 club. One club is the metaphor for one market.

With the Phillip Global WRAP Account, you gain access to international stocks and over 300 funds from all over the world. We have professional qualified advisors that will help you navigate through the confusing array of investment instruments on the market and select the ones best suited for you and your investment needs. With this account, you achieve multiple asset class diversifications, simply and efficiently.

global brand - 14 May

Benefits of Global Wrap Account are as follow:

• 0% sales charge & no switching fee.
• Hassle-free funds selection and management.
• Multiple asset classes, global diversification.
• Dedicated client servicing for portfolio reviews and administration.
• Access of consolidated holdings through our online platform, FAME (You will also receive a hard copy quarterly report for easier financial management & monitoring of investment activities and portfolio holdings.

If you wish for us to manage it for you, we are able to handle it. Contact Ms. Chin at 012-303 8126

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