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MetaStock offers many benefits to traders regardless of their experience level:

  • MetaStock helps you create a system for trading. A coach wouldn’t trade his players or direct his team without a system in place to make the right decisions. Your approach to trading your portfolio should be the same—with a systematic, objective plan to make the best possible decisions. MetaStock helps you do this.
  • MetaStock removes the emotions from your trading—emotions of greed and fear. Spur-of-the moment decisions are not as reliable as decisions based on set criteria and reliable analysis. MetaStock gives you this—a trusted system so that you can objectively engage in buying and selling in the markets.

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  1. Hi ,
    Where can i download the EOD data for metastock?


  2. There are few providers in town for the metastock data. My graduates uses the telequote database. It is not free !

    Let me know if you want the contact person and the price .

  3. Dear Martin Wong,

    I’m one of your silent reader,After visiting your new web-site few time.I’m more prefer your old web fashion design.It straight forward

  4. Dear Tonny,

    Thank you for your honest feedback. Let me know how we can improve the current website.


  5. Dear Martinwo,
    I am new to your site.
    I notice that the TRADERS TAG window of your site is not undated since the day I came into this site.
    Is that the trend or will there be refreshed weekly with other counters?

  6. I am sure either. I really do not know how they works. Maybe you can help me or shred some light to tags

  7. Hi Martin,

    I like to attend your course. Would you be touching on metastock in the up and coming seminar. How much time would u be devoting the course to metastock? I have a group of 4 who would like to participate

  8. We spend half day on MetaStock.

    Remember, it is the understanding of the market structure and market dynamics that makes you the money.

    Remember it is often the driver (trader/investor) and not the car (metastock) that win the race !


  9. i’m in Penang. any events or seminars coming up in northern? Very much like to learn more on metastocks.
    Pls advice.

  10. We may be doing one in PG at the end of the year. Alternatively, come down to KL. We offer rebate on our courses for outstation participant.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  11. I am new in this Topic Please advise i need basic Knowledge and full details
    I am intersted

  12. There’s ton of stuff on the internet on MetaStock – google metastock and get my Supercharge book and show you how I use Metastock to filter share.

    Alternatively you can come for our Foundation course using MetaStock. Any way you choose is fine with me as long as you benefitted. Email me your email id and I wud send you a copy of our next Foundation if you’re interested.


  13. where can i find the point-figure software?

  14. Metastock has it.

  15. Hi Martin,
    Can you please share with us the formula of the ATR of the metastock you are using?

  16. Yes sure, we wud teach you how ATR works with part of your trading mgmt in our workshop.

    Have you attended our seminar before ? If not, you shud and you wud reap great benefits from investing and trading in the stock market.

    Happy trading.

  17. pls let me know when is your seminar at Penang and how much per person for the program subscription ??

  18. Hi Martin,

    I am interested in Metastock after reading ur book “Supercharge”. May 1 know where i can get the original version in Malaysia and when is ur Seminar / Courrse / Workshop for metastock?



  19. Hi there,

    I m interested in purchasing metastock pro version, may i know the method of paying and goods delivery?

    Interested in any course organised by you too, please let me know the latest course set up. Thanks.

  20. Dear Patrick,

    Check out link ://

    and we are out of stock for MetaStock. Email me your address and I wud let you know.


  21. Martin,

    I read your book about Supercharge, and you did mention about the TAV.
    Would you mind to share with us the TAV exploration filter for free?

    Thank you..


  22. The TAV formulae is available for free as it comes with MTM foundation course.

    The next foundation course is on Feb 21-22, 2010.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    – Martin-

  23. Hello there
    im interested in metastock pro fx v11. Can u let me know if u hv stock.

  24. Need to check, we have metastock eod v11.0

    – martin-

  25. I used to use metastock, but now i can’t find resellers. it used to be under stockquote… who provides them now?

  26. Our company is a reseller for Metastock and we carried metastock v11.0.

    Email me if you wish to purchase it.

    – Martin-

  27. Hi Martin,

    I would like to purchase the metastock. Guide me.

  28. Hello Martin,
    I am keen to purchase the Metastock software but I am now working oversea. How can I purchase this software and starts using it. For your info I am doing online trading.

  29. Whether Metastock v.11 is mac OS compatible?

    Where to subscribe for EOD data compatible with Metastock v.11, how much it will cost?

  30. Check out the FAQ section. I believe your answer is in there !

    – martin-

  31. How can I find TAVA in The Explorer for MetaStock EOD v11? Or does it have another name/term for v11?

  32. TAVA is propertiary formulae written by us and made available to our graduate of our MTM Foundation course. Our next course is on Aug 8,9, 2011.

    That’s why you cant find in Metastock box.

    – Martin-

  33. hi Martin,

    I would like to purchase metastock V11.
    Can u quote us the price and how to order it?
    FYI, I’m from malaysia.


  34. Dear Martin,

    I wrote to you before but failed to get back intouch. I would like to purchase the metastock v11 and the update eod package. what is the total cost?

    Could i have a breakdown if I want (1) Malaysian stocks and (2) singapore stocks.


  35. I have attended your Foundations Course at Megan Phileo conducted by Mr.Bill and you many years ago.

    You gave us MS v 7 EOD for free.

    You also gave us TAWA but at time was was a newbie and did not know how to use it.

    Now after many years of meddling with MS ( Bought MS v 11 EOD from Thomson Reuteur with lots of freebies. They give life time technical support.That is the best part.) now I think I will be able to make use of your TAWA but I do not have it.

    Will you be able to e-mail the formula?If you think I am trying to hoodwink you then you can forget.

  36. We are happy to give you TAVA and you are welcome to re-attend our next Foundation Course Feb 20-21, 2012. And since you are past graduate, you can attend at no cost.

    – Martin -

  37. Thanks for the reply.

    I attended the course many years ago
    and I dont have any proof to say when I attended it.

    Even the notes you gave and the charting exersice Bill gave us to do,I I dont know where they are now.

  38. Mr. Ghani,

    I remember you. You can come to our Friday Clinic this Fri at 11 am and I am happy to load the formulae for you.

    – Martin -

  39. Thank you.

  40. Hi Bill

    In your website, it says that the Metastock 11.0 is for End-of-Day Traders. I assume it is it will only give Daily time frame charts.

    I’m interested in reading intraday price movements. Is there any Metastock software version that can give multiple time frame charts i.e 15 mins, 30 mins, 1hr, 4hr and Daily? If there is, I would like to know more about it and how much it cost.

    I intend to attend you coure, but I would want to confirm that there is such version of the software available first.


  41. If you are going to use Metastock the real time version, it is very expensive considering the live feed data.

    Are you a full time trader ? if so,then it make sense to have the real time version with live feed data.

    – Martin-

  42. Used Metastock long ago. Had to enter data manually those days. Is there a data provider before I purchase Metastock again??

  43. Yes, there is a person you can call that provide EOD data for our graduate and our metastock.

    Can you tell me more about what you do and how do you intend to use metastock for ? Years of experience in the market and metastock usage.

    – Martin-

  44. Hi martin. i am thinking of getting the metastock for end days trader. may i know who to contact to purchase this software?

  45. You can get a copy of the older version of MetaStock via our foundation course. Let me know.

    – martin-

  46. Dear martin, thanks, for all the info presented here. Would appreciate information (including quote if possible) on suitable and affordable Charting Software & Data Provider to display Continuous 3rd Month Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO) and Continuous Spot Month Kuala Lumpur Composite Index Futures (FKLI). Please include EOD and also Live Data.

  47. Joe,

    There are some free provider for KLCI EOD and FKLI Charts out there. You just have to look for it. In my opinion, if it is free, you better check the reliability of the sources as you can lose more depending on free stuffs.

    Imagine, if you are a pilot flying a plane and you are relying on free weather report and free flying landing information. (You know what I mean here !?

    It is better to pay the price now than later.

    Good luck in your search. Share with the other.

    – Martin -

  48. Hi Martin, I had just read your book Supercharge Your Investing Approach For Big Profits but i have problem in understanding the VSA part and i had google it but it is fruitless as i unable to get to know how to see from the volume. Can i know what sources I can look through to understand the mechanism of VSA?

    I also like to know more about metastock like the features, technical indicator, price range and where can I get it as im planning to buy one in the future.

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