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Five Ways to Maximize Your Premium Membership Subscription (Internet Version)

Dear Valued Subscriber,

The Premium Subscription is more than just a e-newsletter. A lot more.

As the publisher, I want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your subscription. It entitles you to some powerful resources. And you can start taking advantage of them right now.

Premium members get an personalised login id and password unlike theI lite subscribers !


1. Friday’s Weekly Video Closing Bell (via live webinar) & Monthly Stock Market Comment Reports

Don’t overlook the enormous value you’ll find in this section of our Web site. Just visit and log on to the members-only Premium Membership Home Page. Once login, you are able to read on the hidden comments by Us & as they attempt to “tell the truth” of the market.

Each monthly stock market comment, Martin will give his KLSE & SGX stock market analysis with reference to the global market conditions & checklist for investors to do in the following month which include KLSE stock market recommendation for investing/trading, precious metal outlook and regional market stock/ETFs recommendation.

During each Friday’s Closing Bell, Join us (live webinar session)  as he analyzes the KLSE ending for the week that was and looks for possible trades setting up the following week. Topic: KLSE & SGXdirection, regional markets outlook, investment strategies. There is 3 case study of KLSE stock & 1 SGX as examples.

[divider top=”1″] [heading style=”1″]Current Year 2013 (Entry & exit records can be verifiable)[/heading]

Weekly Closing Bell Pick 2013

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Past results are not indicator for future performance!


2. The Weekly eNewsletter

Each week, We will send post in front web page “Market Comment Begin’g ….” . It includes general outlook, economic development in US and globally, special pay-to-attention development, stock investment recommendation for portfolio investments and any company report or visit highlights, overall portfolio performance, trailing stop adjustments, “special situation” buy recommendations… everything you’ll need to know between the monthly issues.


3. Hourly updates & selected case study of trading opportunities as it happened in the KLSE (at least 4-5 postings daily)

You can view all postings at any time. It’s updated hourly or daily on theWeb site. Just log in to see the most up-to-date stock opportunities together with its follow-up, VSA case study of stock, Submit A Stock Analysis by subscribers, KLSE’s Insider Report, Analyst Call, stop loss/trailing stops for case study of stock.

Here is the latest is the Smart Money’s Insiders Trade Alert that informs premium subscriber when “a whale” or insiders/smart money buy or sell a particular stock before they get mentioned in the public media. (Source: (Source: Buy and Sell Filings from BMSB)

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Normally, these announcements are published weekly on the major financial newspaper.


4. Issue Archives/Past Webinars/Conference Video Recordings.

You can find each issue of the monthly newsletter and past conference/monthly webinars. Again, just log in to view them at any time.


5. Answers to Your Questions

On our weekly Friday Chart Clinic, held live via webinar and You can get invited live session via webinar for VSA charts analysis for the KLSE stocks submitted by the premium members.

Have a question about your subscription? We provide a page with answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions about the service, the VSA, investment/trading terms we use, and who to contact if you have any difficulty. There’s also a contact page where you can view the Ask us, the Q&A from each monthly issue.

Again, welcome to the Premium Membership Section. I have no doubt you’ll find it profitable.



– Admin – Premium Membership

p/s: This is a online premium (internet) membership and you can access all the above anything from the world. That’s the beauty !


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