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Traderguider pic

TG Approach pic

 Gavin interview

[update Nov 2012: We have discontinued with TradeGuider product and promotion.]


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  1. Hi Martin,

    Just want to ask if you think the tradeguider software will be worthwhile to purchase before they turn it to lease in 3 weeks time? I have the eod but not sure to get the real time software. What is your opinion and what should I consider before purchasing it. Thanks.


  2. Where did you get the info that they are turning to leasing model. Gavin of TG did not inform us.

    Have you learn price and vol. analysis or VSA. I wud not recommend for you to just get TG before understding market structure first. The TG comes with a 12 hrs video tutorial that may help you to understd VSA.

    If you do get if from me, pls come and see me for a TG demo. I wud not charge you at all, you just buy me lunch. I am in K.L. Where are you ?


  3. HI Martin…

    Just got back … Will there be any course conducted in this comin’ December?… (especially on VSA)


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