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Tags: Stock Market Comment

Market Comment Begin’g – 19 May 2014


This is a book that should be on the coffee table of every investor. Poor Charlie is not poor, in fact he is a multi billionaire and business partner of Warren Buffet. His book is richly illustrated in color and is a visual as well as informational treasure. It is packed with metaphors and his […]

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Oct 2013 Stock Market Comment : The “Party” Continues : The True Valuation of the Market.


KLCI W - 30 Sep

Dear Subscribers, When you thought the chips were down and you wanted to give up and throw your “white” towel, the stock market throws every investor off its balance ‘market reversal’. If you had been a follower of this website, you shud fare decently well as well as avoid the disaster. We have known that […]

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July 2013 Stock Market Comment – Reversion to the Mean for KLCI….


KLCI W - 28 June

Dear Subscribers, Last Friday, Closing on 28 June 2013 registered one of the best closing for the week post GE-13. Meanwhile the local financial markets KLSE and SGX are grappling with out flow of foreign funds especially hot money which was mentioned by PM’s brother aka CIMB boss, Nasir Razak. Click here for this story. […]

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