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Mr. Philip Friston


Philip Friston

Philip was fascinated by the stock market at an early age and began investing in his early teens, encouraged by his father.

He began work as an accountant but became disillusioned by all the regulations and red tape. In 1984 he became more involved with investments following his father’s retirement and started managing portfolios.

Initially his investment management was based upon fundamental analysis using his accountancy skills. However, with the advent of personal computers, he began to study technical analysis and Elliott Wave Theory in particular. He always felt there was something more, and in October 1989 a friend called and suggested he try a new piece of software called Genie Chartist (which developed into Tradeguider).

With the help of Tom Williams and attending seminars he began to understand how the markets really functioned. Philip has gained a thorough understanding of the Wyckoff VSA Principles and regularly features in Educational events offering bar by bar analysis using these principles to uncover the meal messages contained in the charts.

His aim now is to share that knowledge with new users and help them to reach the level of understanding that he has achieved.


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