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SEP 2011

The World’s Best ETFs Right Now ! – Bill Wermine

  • Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs.
    • Catching the Biggest Trend of by major ETFs represent each asset.
  • What is ETFs ?
    • 5 Benefits that why you must take action now,
    • Ability to play both side of the market – long or short (make money if market goes up or goes down)
    • Work well with Technical analysis
    • Listed on major stock exchange and transparent and subject to exchange audit

Pick Winning stock across regional market ! – Martin Wong

·         Pick two or three stock best odds to showcase as case study

·         Stock picking system demo (TAVA System for Foundation Course Preview)

·         Q & A.

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AUG 2011

1. In our Traders club meeting dated 20 Aug 2011 at my office, PCM with many serious traders/ investors in attendance both physically at the Phillip office and those listening to the webinar all over Asia & Africa.

We have post the two snippets of their webinar below. Premium members get unlimited access. Upgrade now to a premium member.Click here.

1.1 Mr Phua, a prominent market strategist who gave an insightful presentation on the world market turmoil and what lies ahead. His presentation was loaded with objective facts which can give us direction in the months ahead.

1.2 Dr Janice Dorn, a psychiatrist and veteran trading coach with many years experience trading gold spoke from distant Arizona and it felt as she was in the room.

Click here to view the two snippet webinars ….

2. In today’s Fri’s Clinic 5 Aug 2011 at our office, we recorded this webinar titled ” Aug 2011 Stock Market Comment” for your market outlook and update. Give us your comments.

– Martin –

JULY 2011

1. How to enter and exit the market using VSA

Mr. Martin Wong.

Approx: 30 mins video podcast (see below)

MAY 2011

In this video presentation Mr.  Ivan Ho, chief Wealth Planner of Phillip Capital Management will share 2 ways to improve your bottom line:

1 : A powerful business plan you can immediately implement to add a few thousand RM to your bank account.

This could translate into a new LCD TV, a vacation to your favorite place, a few gold coins to place in your safe deposit box or a new I Touch phone.

2: A time tested investment strategy:

Ivan is a highly successful investor and has helped his clients grow and build wealth in the KLSE. He will share a simple market approach that is the basis of every great investor including Warren Buffet.

It is the method Martin and I use to grow the wealth of our EPF share withdrawal scheme clients. We have averaged over 17 % in the last 6 years in annual returns for our EPF clients using this method.

We offer a very generous reward for those who participate in the business plan and share the good news to their friends.

Ivan’s investment plan will benefit you and make you a savvy investor.

You must install Microsoft Silverlight to view the video presentation.

Ivan Ho Presentation Part 1

Ivan Ho Presentation Part 2

Part 3/3:

APRIL 2011

If you are a Medium-to-Long Term investor, business owners looking for diversification, multi-asset investor, high net worth individuals or our subscribers looking for investment strategies and interested to invest with us, you should listen to these talks before investing with your own money or with others.


Programme Itinerary

A g e n d a Speaker Video Presentation
Your Money Compass in a Time of Crisis.By Bill Wermine – Fund Manager, Phillip Capital Management S.B Bill Wermine Click here to view
The Safest Way to Create Wealth from Assets.By Rianne Chin – Associate Adviser, Jazzcapital Sdn. Bhd. Rianne Chin Click here to view
The Four Real Secrets of the World’s Best Investors.By Martin Wong, Independent FBR, CIMB Futures Sdn. Bhd. Sdn Bhd. Martin Wong Click here to view

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